Dental Technology

Why Is It Important?

At Canyon VisDental X-Ray panoramicta Dental Care, we want you to experience the latest in dental advances in American Fork, Utah. We are committed to staying abreast of developments in the dental field so that we can bring you the least invasive, most up-to-date treatments available. As the science of dentistry progresses and techniques become more developed and refined, treatments become more convenient, practical, affordable, safer, and more thorough. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? Here are some of the ways that we offer this value to our patients.

Digital Radiography (X-Rays)

Digital radiography is a high-tech alternative that is superior to traditional film x-rays. Not only do they allow for immediate viewing of images on the computer screen, saving all of us time, but they also reduce the amount of radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to the film type of x-ray. Digital radiography is also better for the environment, as it requires no developing chemicals to be used or disposed of. Since the x-rays are digital, we can easily send them to a specialist via internet should you need to be referred to one, simplifying that process for you as well.

Dr. Schofield believes that this advanced technology also helps to bridge the gap between dentist and patient. No longer are our patients left wondering what the dentist sees or does during their appointment. Now, our patients are able to see what Dr. Schofield sees and we can help them pinpoint problem areas in their oral structures to prevent future issues.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Similarly, intraoral cameras allow close up viewing of teeth right on the computer monitor. In addition to being a fantastic diagnostic tool for Dr. Schofield, this technology also allows for a more complete, detailed explanation of your condition when necessary. An educated patient is best able to make the most appropriate choices regarding treatment options. We want to provide you with the right tools for making the decision that best fits your needs. We consider our patients’ treatment to be a joint effort between our team and you. We never push for unnecessary work and our intra-oral cameras are designed to help us design a treatment plan that is highly customized to your particular case. This technology can also help ease apprehension in patients who suffer from dental fear. These cameras allow patients to see exactly what the dentist is doing at all times.


Oftentimes, dental treatment requires anesthesia options. While anesthesia allows for painless and quick dental work, it also often leaves the patient suffering from various side effects. Drowsiness, loss of feeling and loss of control over facial muscles are just some of the side effects that accompany anesthesia. At Canyon Vista Dental, however, we use OraVerse– a highly advanced, safe form of anesthetic that allows our patients to bounce back to normal sensation twice as fast.

Since OraVerse is only a local anesthetic, numbness is the sole side effect that our patients experience. However, during clinical trials, patients using OraVerse recovered from lingering numbness in half the time as patients using other products. This means that our patients are able to come in for quick and painless dental work and return to their jobs within the same day. We understand that you have a busy schedule that cannot be compromised by dental work. That’s why we only use products that ensure quick recovery times as well as safe, pain-free treatment.

Advanced Amenities at Canyon Vista Dental

We understand that comfort and relaxation are crucial to a positive experience during your dental appointment. That’s why we offer only the best amenities at Canyon Vista Dental. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art dental chairs that are designed in the style of Mercedes-Benz AMG seats. These seats provide the most comfortable dental treatment possible. Other amenities we offer, such as video- and audio-on-demand system, viewable on 24″ widescreen HDTVs in every room, make coming to the dentist a comfortable experience.

We treat our patients like family and this is evident from the moment you step into our doors. Our warm and friendly staff will welcome you and walk you through any paperwork needed. We take pride in the fact that we do not leave our patients waiting either. Each member of our staff has been professionally trained to care for your particular needs, whatever they may be. We are always accepting new patients and we look forwarding to seeing you. For more information on our advanced dental technology and our state-of-the-art amenities, visit our office today or give us a call at (801) 756- 7129.